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Issue DateTitleResearcherSupervisor(s)
May-2015Adaptive Novel Pattern Search Block Matching Algorithm for Video CompressionShinde, Tushar ShankarTiwari, Anil Kumar
May-2013The Adaptive Secret Key SteganographyMehandiratta, YatinTiwari, Anil Kumar; Vijay, Vivek
May-2013EEG Analysis for Health Diagnosis and BCI ApplicationSingh, AmrikTiwari, Anil Kumar; Adhikari, Bibhas
Jun-2020Efficient Motion Estimation and Predictive Coding Methods for Compression of Spatio-temporal Sequences.Shinde, Tushar ShankarTiwari, Anil Kumar
Jun-2016Identification of Defects in a Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer using Eddy Current SensorsParihar, Raj SinghTiwari, Anil Kumar
May-2014Implementation of A Lossless Coding Method by MultiprocessingVerma, Naresh KumarTiwari, Anil Kumar; Mishra, Abhishek
May-2015Implementation of Lattice Method for Video CompressionChaturvedi, UmeshTiwari, Anil Kumar
May-2013Optimization of Edge-directed Prediction AlgorithmRanjan, RaviMishra, Abhishek; Tiwari, Anil Kumar
May-2013PCG Analysis for Diagnosis of Heart DiseasesSoni, ShailendraTiwari, Anil Kumar; Singhal, Rahul
Apr-2017Processing of Heart Sound Signal to Monitor Cardiovascular Functions in Real-life ScenarioJain, Puneet KumarTiwari, Anil Kumar
Jan-2022Quality Assessment and Enhancement of Retinal Fundus Images using Deep Learning MethodsRaj, Aditya.Tiwari, Anil Kumar
Apr-2019Saliency Enabled Image Compression and its Quality AssessmentRahul, KumarTiwari, Anil Kumar