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Issue DateTitleResearcherSupervisor(s)
Dec-2014Bias-Stress Stability and Charge-Carrier Trapping in High Performance Organic Thin-Film TransistorsBisoyi, SibaniTiwari, Shree Prakash
Jun-2016Carbon-Based Multiple-Gate Field-Effect TransistorsGupta, CharuTiwari, Shree Prakash
Jun-2016Effect of Gamma Radiation on Single and Triple Gate Device: TCAD SimulationJaiswal, Piyush KumarTiwari, Shree Prakash
Jul-2020Fabrication and Characterization of Flexible Hybrid Resistive Random Access Memory Devices.Varun, IshanTiwari, Shree Prakash
Dec-2020Fabrication and Characterization of Photosensitive Organic Field - Effect TransistorsMahato, Ajay KumarTiwari, Shree Prakash
May-2015Improvement in Tunnel Field Effect Transistor(TFET) Structure and a Low Power Circuit Implementation StrategyTyagi, AsthaTiwari, Shree Prakash
May-2013JunctionLess Nanowire Transistor and its integration with NMOS Inverter circuitJoshi, NamanDixit, Ambesh; Tiwari, Shree Prakash
Jun-2016Mechanically Stable Flexible Organic Field Effect Transistors (OFETs)Raghuwanshi, VivekTiwari, Shree Prakash
Jul-2018Modeling and Simulation of Gallium Nitride High Electron Mobility Transistors and Optimization of Buffer LayerJoshi, VipinTiwari, Shree Prakash
Apr-2020Operationally Stable Flexible Organic Field- Effect Transistors on Unconventional Substrates.Raghuwanshi, VivekTiwari, Shree Prakash
Feb-2017Small Molecule Based Solution Processed Organic Field-Effect Transistors and ApplicationsBharti, DeepakTiwari, Shree Prakash
Jun-2016TCAD Investigation of Novel CMOS Devices for Sub 14 nm TechnologyGupta, AnshulTiwari, Shree Prakash
May-2013Tunnel Field Effect Transistor-Simulation and AnalysisSamariya, AnkitaTiwari, Shree Prakash; Dixit, Ambesh