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Issue DateTitleResearcherSupervisor(s)
May-2013The Adaptive Secret Key SteganographyMehandiratta, YatinTiwari, Anil Kumar; Vijay, Vivek
Jun-2016Comparison of Performance of Different Kernels in Kernel PCABijawat, VipulVijay, Vivek
Jun-2016Demonstration of Usability of Theory of Large DeviationsSinghal, AniruddhaVijay, Vivek
May-2015Dependence Modelling of Risks using Copulas in Financial Risk ManagementNishith OzeVijay, Vivek
Dec-2019Development of an Instrument of Sit-to-stand for measurement of Sarcopenia in Older Indians.Shukla, Brajesh KumarVijay, Vivek
Aug-2016Development of Spectrally Selective Absorber Materials and Coatings for Photothermal ApplicationsUsmani, BelalDixit, Ambesh; Vijay, Vivek; Chhibber, Rahul
May-2014Effect of Kalman Filter and Smoother on Forecasting of Financial Time SeriesMisra, Adarsh KumarVijay, Vivek
May-2014Measuring Value at Risk with Filtered Historical Simulation Using Non-Normal Distribution for Asset ReturnsSardana, SaloniVijay, Vivek
May-2015Predicting Friendship Among Subjects Based on Common ActivitiesKaur, AmanjotVijay, Vivek
Jun-2020Short-term Solar Irradiance Forecasting and Performance Analysis of Solar PV Systems.Kumar, RakeshVijay, Vivek
May-2017Solar Power Generation Forecasting using Neural Network Based Aproach.Singh, Vikas PratapRavindra, Brahmajosyula; Vijay, Vivek
May-2017Technical Analysis for Short-Term Forecasting of Financial Data and Turn of the Year EffectPaul, Parmod KumarVijay, Vivek
May-2014Technical Analysis of Financial Time Series Data & Forecasting Using ARMA and ANNShukla, Brajesh KumarVijay, Vivek