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Title: Power Quality Analysis of Grid Connected Photovoltaic Plant at IIT Jodhpur
Researcher : Anurag
Supervisor: Arora, Ravindra
Ravindra, B.
Department: Center for Energy
Issue Date: May-2013
Citation: Anurag. (2013). Power Quality Analysis of Grid Connected Photovoltiac Plant at IIT Jodhpur (Master's thesis). Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur, Jodhpur.
Abstract: The world power scenario is wants to go less dependent upon power production from power generation the so called conventional ources like nuclear, coal, and gas. There is a instance desire to produce more power from non conventional and renewable sources of energy for example hydro, solar and wind. These sources are not only renewable but also clean, onpollutant and cheap. The cost of production of electricity from solar and wind energy has become highly competitive with the conventional sources of energy in 21 st century. Besides the standalone and comparatively smaller photovoltaic systems, large photovoltaic generation of electrical power has become quite common. These sources integrate the electrical power with existing grid. In this work an assessment of power quality is made supplied by 100 kW grid connected photovoltaic plant at IIT Jodhpur. The Power quality standards specified by IEC (International Electrotechnical commission) have also been discussed and their limits applied on the output of IIT Jodhpur solar power plant. Different parameters and AC indices are proposed to be analyzed by Power Analyzer for academic block-I and academic block-II. The DC power quality delivered by the boost converter has also been assessed for the design purpose of power electronic devices. In this work a neural network approach is suggested to eliminate harmonics, and real time data of load current has been taken for optimum filter design by RNN.
Pagination: viii, 44p.
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