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Issue DateTitleResearcherSupervisor(s)
Jun-2018Characterization of Clay Ceramics Based on Reuse of Organic Residue and Industrial Wastes for Point of Use Water Filtration ApplicationNighojkar, Amrita KaurwarAnand K. Plappally
Oct-2018Analysing Multiqubit Entanglement, Nonlocality and Quantum Information Processing ProtocolsSingh, ParvinderKumar, Atul
Jul-2018A Measure of Balance, Spectra of Signed Graphs, and Novel Algorithm for Matrix Determinant and ParmanentSingh, RanveerAdhikari, Bibhas
Jul-2018The Role of Nucleotide-Binding Domain, Leucine Rich Repeat Containing Receptors in Inflammation, Cell Death and GliomaSharma, NidhiJha, Sushmita
Jul-2018Innovative Harnessing of Molecular Protein Quality Control Strategies Inhibits: Aberrant Protein Aggregation and Deregulated ProliferationUpadhyay, Arun KumarMishra, Amit Kumar
Mar-2018Parametric network models, network reconstruction and diffusion protocols for networksPandey, Pradumn KumarAdhikari, Bibhas; Mazumdar, Mainak; Badarla, Venkata Ramana
Mar-2018Input-Output Dynamic Properties of Complex NetworksMahia, Ram NiwasFulwani, Deepak M.
Jul-2018Promising Molecular Modulations of E3 Ubiquitin Ligases Regulate Cellular Proliferation and Suppresses Misfolded Proteins AccumulationJoshi, VibhutiMishra, Amit Kumar
Aug-2018Wavelet-Alienation Based Protection Scheme for Transmission SystemsRathore, BhuvneshShaik, Abdul Gafoor
Jan-2018Graph Theoretic Aspects of Quantum Information ProcessingDutta, SupriyoBenerjee, Subhahsish